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2020-04-23 23:22:26 keepwin

To further strengthen the team cooperation ability and the cohesion of the enterprise, we need to carry out an interesting expansion activity. Here are the team outdoor activity plans and interesting group construction activity plans that Chengzhi editor would like to recommend to you. Welcome to learn from them.

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1、 Activity name

close to nature

2、 Background

On April 18, 2020, the company successfully organized the first phase of "spring outdoor expansion" activity, which enriched the cultural life of employees, enhanced the team cooperation ability and the cohesion of the enterprise, and displayed the vigorous spirit of the team.

In April, in order to improve the company's popularity, it has made a good impact on the society. According to the work plan of the company, and in order to implement the tenet and concept of strengthening the spiritual civilization construction of the company, the leaders of the company decided to carry out a large-scale outdoor expansion activity - "close to nature" on April 18.

3、 Purpose and significance of the activity

The ancient road is connected with a long distance, and the mountain gas flows into the blue haze. Streams listen to the sounds of nature, waterfalls fall into the quiet pool. I don't see people in the empty mountain, but I hear the sound of running water. We will go to the Wutong Mountain scenic spot in Shenzhen. We will be away from the trouble of working and living and enjoy the beautiful scenery. At the same time, we will carry out some expansion activities to release our mood, relieve the tension and pressure of the employees, and also let the employees enhance the spirit of cooperation in the activities, bring stimulation and challenges, and experience the sense of achievement.

Landscape, blue sky, white clouds, flowers and grass on the ground can make people feel more relaxed, more broad-minded, more energetic, forget worries and troubles, and return to work with self-confidence and energy. Game activities can not only bring fun and challenges, but also increase feelings and cooperation among employees, and stimulate work enthusiasm.

4、 Work arrangement

1. Time: Saturday, April 18

2. Venue: Qingliangshan scenic spot

3. Participants: all employees of the sales team (except the on duty personnel)