Diaphragm Compressor For Hydrogenation Station

2022-04-13 21:18:47
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As the infrastructure to provide hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles, the number of hydrogen refueling stations is also growing, and various demonstration activities are carried out all over the world. The construction and demonstration operation activities of these hydrogen refueling stations have accumulated a lot of data and experience for the future.

The earliest hydrogen filling station may be traced back to the hydrogenation station in Los Alamos in the United States in the 1980s. At that time, Alamos National Laboratory built the station to verify the feasibility of liquid hydrogen as fuel. Later, more and more hydrogenation stations were gradually built. According to fuelcell today, by 2006, more than 140 hydrogenation stations had been built worldwide, The number of new hydrogen refueling stations in North America has increased and developed more rapidly in the world. At the same time, in addition to Germany, other European regions have also accelerated the research and construction of hydrogen energy infrastructure. The United States has more than 40 hydrogen stations under planning, accounting for the vast majority. Norway, Italy and Canada also have 5-7 hydrogen stations under planning. It can be predicted that the development of hydrogen energy in these countries will also accelerate in the future.

Many countries and enterprises attach great importance to hydrogen energy technology and have established various international and regional organizations, such as international hydrogen energy Economic Cooperation Organization (IPHE), California fuel cell cooperation organization (cafcp), Japan hydrogen energy & fuel cell demonstration project (JHFC), European clean city transportation plan (cut), etc. These organizations and some individual civil forces have established many hydrogenation stations in various places, which has greatly promoted the development of hydrogenation stations.

China has made new breakthroughs in hydrogen refueling, and has built more than 250 hydrogen refueling stations, accounting for about 40% of the global number. The number of hydrogen refueling stations ranks first in the world.

The Hydrogen Diaphragm Comrpessor  produced by Keepwin was widely used in all kinds of Hydrogenation station.

Keepwin Gas solution | Reciprocating compressor

The advantages of Keepwin Diaphragm compressor:

1 Oil free compressor. There is no contaminate to the Hydrogen gas

2 High discharge pressure. Keepwin can offer the up to 900Bar Hydrogen diaphragm compressor.

3 Low maintenance cost. The whole instruments can service for more than 4000hrs