Diaphragm Compressor For Semiconductor Industry

2022-04-13 21:41:45
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In the semiconductor industry, companies that internally develop and design new semiconductor components and have production lines are the core of the industry.

As a semiconductor product with high performance (for example, a semiconductor product with high frequency) and a discrete integrated circuit (for example, a semiconductor product with high performance) in the industry, it has become a semiconductor product with high frequency, A transistor or diode composed of discrete semiconductors and other acoustic devices are mostly analog semiconductors. Now integrated circuits are suitable for composition, including such integrated circuits. Some companies, each specialty, specialization and specialization progress.

Through the products for further manufacturing in digital semiconductors, even if the manufacturer makes the division CPU, DRAM, SRAM, flash memory, microcontroller, programmable logic device and the FPGA, standard logic IC, etc. obtained by mass production, some of the multiple art products, although most of them are concentrated in the professional field. In addition, an ASIC is a product that can be classified as a customized product in digital semiconductors, and the ASIC is sold not only as a customized product but also as a general-purpose product.

Keepwin Gas solution | Reciprocating compressor

Semiconductor packaging refers to the process of processing the tested wafer into an independent chip according to the product model and functional requirements. The packaging process is as follows: the wafer from the wafer front process is cut into small die through the dicing process, and then the cut wafer is pasted on the island of the corresponding substrate (lead frame) frame with glue, and then the bond pad of the wafer is connected to the corresponding lead of the substrate with ultra-fine metal (gold tin copper aluminum) wire or conductive resin to form the required circuit; Then the independent chip is encapsulated and protected with a plastic shell.

Keepwin diaphragm compressor is mainly used in the back thinning of silicon wafer, which involves grinding, grinding, chemical mechanical polishing, dry polishing, electrochemical corrosion, wet corrosion, plasma enhanced chemical corrosion, atmospheric pressure plasma corrosion, etc. diaphragm pump can be used for acid-base transportation and grinding fluid collection.

The vigorous development of the semiconductor industry has attracted more and more innovative enterprises and high-tech enterprises to join it. The increase in the number and manufacturing capacity of chip manufacturing enterprises drives the water treatment demand of the chip industry. Especially when the demand for ultra pure water at the front end of the chip production is expanded and the back-end sewage treatment standards are tightened, environmental protection enterprises need to adapt to this change and provide corresponding solutions. At the same time, in semiconductor production, ion cloth check-in machine, chemical cleaning station, etching machine, furnace tube, sputtering machine, organic solvent and gas cylinder cabinet will produce waste gas, which also makes the enterprise face severe challenges.