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  • How to select oil for compressor--conclusion

    Using synthetic oil and hydrocracking saturated hydrocarbon as lubricant can effectively improve the performance of compressor, including prolonging the oil change period, reducing wear, reducing the

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  • How to select oil for compressor--refrigeration compressor lubricating oil

    Relationship between hydrocarbon gas and oil at different temperaturesDilution degree of propane to ISO 220 polypropylene glycol at different temperatures and pressures. The dilution degree of hydroca

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  • How to select lubricate oil for compressor--Application of oil in compressor

    Application of synthetic oil in compressorThe compression medium of the compressor includes air, hydrocarbon gas, chemical processing gas, inert gas, industrial gas and refrigerant gas. The synthetic

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  • How to select lubricate oil for compressor--lubricate oil types and properties

    Types and properties of synthetic oilEster oil (diester and polyol ester), polyolefin (PAO), polyalkylene glycol (PAG) and silicon fluoride oil can meet the application requirements of most gas compr

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  • How to select the lubricate oil type-- type of compressor and its lubrication requirements

    Selection of lubricating oil for compressorWhen the mechanical equipment is constantly improved, the lubricating oil as its "blood" must also adapt to the development pace. At this stage, mi

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  • How to operate reciprocating comoressor

    1,Installation of compressor unit The compressor unit shall be installed according to the factory requirements. Allowable working environment temperature of compressor: - 5 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃ The com

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  • Reciprocating compressor construction--valve and packing diagram

    In order to prevent the gas in the cylinder from leaking from the piston rod, a set of packing is set in the cylinder seat, among which the lower part of the first and second stage cylinders is equipped with low-pressure packing parts, and the third stage cylinders are installed with high-pressure packing parts, which are composed of packing box, oil scraper ring, sealing ring, etc.

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  • Reciprocating compressor construction--cylinder diagram

    Crosshead assembly is composed of crosshead slide guide and crosshead. It is made of nodular cast iron. The crosshead receives oil from the crankcase through the oil distributor. The crosshead pin and the small head of the connecting rod form a movable joint of the crosshead, and obtain pressure lubrication through the oil circuit in the connecting rod. The packing box on the piston rod separates the crosshead assembly from the compression chamber. The seal on the piston rod can be adjusted by itself

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