Three Characteristics and Advantages of Oil-Free Diaphragm Compressor

2020-09-25 09:57:01

The three characteristics & advantages oil free Diaphragm Compressor is Zero leakage, Zero pollution, and Large compression ratio. 

Zero leakage: The compressed gas of the diaphragm compressor is only in contact with the metal diaphragm and the cylinder head in the cylinder. The gas seal can be used for highpressure static sealing. This structural feature determines the extremely low leakage rate of the diaphragm compressor and is widely used in precious and rare gas, extremely corrosive, toxic and harmful, flammable and explosive gas, with radioactive gas compression and transportation. 

Zero pollution: the diaphragm compressor cylinder does not need lubrication, the compressed gas does not contact the piston, and is completely isolated from the lubricating oil with a three-layer metal diaphragm, and the sealing performance is absolutely good. The gas will not produce any pollution during the compression process, which is particularly suitable It is used to compress high purity (99.999% and above) and precious rare gas.

 Large compression ratio: diaphragm compressor’s cylinder has good heat dissipation performance, close to isothermal compression at small flow rate, higher compression ratio can be maximum reach 20, (piston compressor’s compression ratio is 6). The compression gas medium can be compressed from normal pressure to 20.0MPa only with two stages, (same conditions pressure the piston compressor requires above four stages). The diaphragm compressor’s structure is greatly simplified, with very low failure rate, but much high reliability, and few of the wearing parts. The diaphragm compressor can be applied to a large intake pressure fluctuates