How to use hammer for air compressor maintenance

2020-05-29 10:00:40 keepwin

Hammers, commonly known as hammers, are essential shielding tools in straightening, cutting, loading and unloading parts, disassembling air compressor parts and other operations.

How to hold a hammer

How to use hammer for air compressor maintena

The types of hammers are generally divided into hard head hammers and soft head hammers. The hammer head of soft head hammer is made of lead, Tung, hardwood, cowhide or glue, which is mostly used in assembly work.

The specification of hard head hammer is expressed by the mass of hammer head, including 0.25kg, 0.5 ratio and 1kg.

The wooden handle of the hammer head is made of solid wood. The handle length of the commonly used 1kg hammer head is about 350mm. The hole for installing the wooden handle of the hammer head is oval, and the two ends are large and the middle is small.

After the wooden handle is tightly installed in the hole, a metal wedge shall be driven into the end to prevent loosening.

When the hammer is used, the hammer is generally held by the right hand. The method of full holding with five fingers is adopted. The thumb is gently pressed on the index finger, the tiger mouth is aligned with the direction of the hammer head, and the tail of the hammer handle leaks out for 15-30mm.

In the process of hammering, there are two kinds of commonly used holding methods of fingers: grip hammer and loose grip hammer.

Gripping hammer refers to the whole process from swinging hammer to striking hammer, all fingers keep gripping the handle of hammer, as shown in the figure below.

If the hammer is at the beginning of the hammer, all fingers are pressed tightly. The hammer, the small finger, ring finger and middle finger will be relaxed gradually. In the instant of hammering, all fingers will be clenched quickly and the movement of the bowl, elbow and arm should be quickened. This is called the Kwai hammer. 

Loose grip hammer can strengthen the hammering force, and is not easy to fatigue.

There are three ways to swing the hammer: hand swing, elbow swing and arm swing, as shown in the figure below.

The method of swinging hammer

The hand swing method is only used for the swing of the hand bowl. The hammer is held by the gripping method. The percussion force is small, and it is mainly used for the beginning or end of the cutting.

How to use hammer for air compressor maintena

The wrist and elbow of the elbow swing method are swung together, and the hammer is held by the loose grip method, which has a large striking force and wide application. 

The hand bowl, elbow and the whole arm of the arm swing method wave together, with the largest hammering force.

Most of the refrigeration and air conditioning systems use the hand swing method.