Hospital 12m3/h 150bar 40L O2 Gas Cylinder Fill Oil-free Oxygen Gas Booster Compressor

What's the usage of oxygen gas keepwin compressor? Oxygen compressor for filling oxygen cylinders:For filling oxygen cylinder from oxygen systems, generally the pressure is high. This is done in a

  • Model: WWZ-25/4-200
  • Flow rate(Nm3/h): 25
  • Suction Pressure(Mpa): 0.4
  • Discharge Pressure(Mpa): 20
  • Power(KW): 15
  • Cooling Type: 65,64
  • Gas Medium: Oxygen gas

Keepwin Gas solution | Reciprocating compressor

Keepwin Gas solution | Reciprocating compressor

What's the usage of oxygen gas keepwin compressor? 

  • Oxygen compressor for filling oxygen cylinders:
    For filling oxygen cylinder from oxygen systems, generally the pressure is high. This is done in a totally oil-free environment.

  • Oxygen compressor for medical use:
    Oxygen from a PSA or liquid oxygen source is compressed with one or two stages from 1 barg (14.5 psig) to 30 barg (435 psig) for use directly by patients.
    The oxygen is kept pure by the oxygen compressor so that it is safe for medical use.
    These oxygen compressors are usually relatively small, in the 3 to 18.5 kW range.

  • Oxygen compressor for process use:

    Oxygen for industrial processes is generally higher volume, 3,000 Nm3/hr (1,900 SCFM).

    The pressures can be medium and low, sometimes up to 150 barg (2175 psig), 200barg (2900psig).

    Is available for VSA applications at steel mills, paper plants, water treatment plants.

    The oxygen compressors are one, two, or three stages and in the power range of 50 kW up to 375 kW.

Product NameMedical Oxygen Gas Booster Compressor for O2 gas Cylinder Filling
Compress medium90%~99% Oxygen gas  
TypeW type,  Water cooled, Three stages only, Oil-free Piston Oxygen Filling Compressor;
Capacity flow rate50Nm3/h  
Suction pressure0.4Mpa(G)
Discharge pressure15.0Mpa(G)
Driven methodBelt driven
Suction temperature<=35℃
Transmission temperature<=Water inlet temperature+15℃
Water inlet temperature<=25℃
Cooling typeWater cooled ,2.4t/h water consumption
Water pressure 0.3Mpa
Water inlet & outlet pipe: Rc1'
Gas inlet interface51mm, 304Lweld pipe
Gas outlet interface18mm /304L weld pipe
Noise Level<=85dB(A) within 1 meter distance
N.W Weight590kgs

Keepwin Gas solution | Reciprocating compressor

Portable industrial silent oil free piston compressor for sale

>>>Description of Advantages of Oil-free Piston Compressor 


1) Totally 100% oil free type gas compressor, cylinder no need oil lubrication, ensure cylinder 100% no oil content.

2) Suitable compressing for Oxygen gas, Hydrogen gas, Nitrogen gas, Helium gas, Argon gas, CO2 gas, Air gas, Biogas, Methane gas and other special gas 

3) No pollution, keep same purity to inlet gas

4) Reliable and top quality, comparable with USA RIX brand.

5) Top cost performance, low maintenance cost, and easy operation, only need to change piston ring

6) 4000 hours piston ring working life,1500-2000 hours working life for final stage ring 7

7) Top brand motor, and can be specially pointed, like Simense brand

8) Supply Japan market, quality approval by Japan strictly system

9) CE approval

10) The gas compressor carefully designed and manufactured for 2Mpa, 4Mpa,10Mpa, 15Mpa, 20MPa-30MPa pressure etc.

11)  The device has a small size, lightweight, easy maintenance, and friendly at moving and operating.

12) Output gas non-toxic, odorless. Suitable for filling high-pressure air displacement and small and medium-sized gas station

Keepwin Gas solution | Reciprocating compressor

Keepwin Gas solution | Reciprocating compressor

>>>Features of piston compressor

1) Well-designed specifically for small and medium-sized users;

2) The operation is simple, convenient, and less prone to failure;

3) Guarantee inflatable gas pure health, no the oil tasteless displacement, high-pressure air filling quickly;

4) Practices can be achieved without power, and to facilitate the fieldwork;

5) Small size, lightweight, easy to move quickly;

6) Cost-effective, economical and practical.


>>Application of High pressure Piston compressor

1) Filling station can be used for fire brigade divers base inflatable station,

2) mine, oil field chemicals, ship, climbing, water sports center industry for human rescue,

3) fire fighting, rescue, underwater operations breathing gas filling is ideal in rescue equipment.


>>>Specifications of Piston Air Compressor

Compressor Pump 
1. Air capacity: 6.5- 40.7c.f.m/min
2. working pressure: 15bar / 20bar / 30bar/ 40bar / 150bar/ 200bar/ 250bar 
3. Power:1.1-7.5kw 

 200bar Three Stages Oil Free Piston Oxygen Cylinder Fill Compressor Technical Parameters 

ModelFlow rateSuction PressureDischarge PressureMotor PowerInlet Interface diameterOutlet Interface diameterDimension

1. Professional exporting wooden packing.

Keepwin Gas solution | Reciprocating compressor

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