Screw Air Compressor Spare part MAM 6080 Controller

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  • Model: MAM 6080 Controller
Product Description
Keepwin Gas solution | Reciprocating compressor

Screw Air Compressor Spare part MAM 6080 Controller

Keepwin Gas solution | Reciprocating compressor
Product Paramenters
Working life
80,000 Hours
DC 16V-28V
screw compressor
Product size
Screen size
1 year
Digital Input
Digital Output
1 Piece
4-20mA: 1pc
USD 145.00
PT100/PT1000: 1pc
(Socket or screw )
Pressure transmitter or Pressure switch

Specifications & Features

Multiple run mode optional.
● 7 inch color screen ,with button and touch penal.
●Support real time power consumption and accumulative power consumption measurement.
●Scheduled on/off function and scheduled pressure function optional
●More accurate in writing frequency to control inverter through 485 communication
●Free to control all inverter supporting MODBUS RTU protocol.
● Open phase ,current overload ,current unbalance ,high voltage, low voltage protection for motor.
● High integration, high reliability, high cost performance

Detailed Images
Keepwin Gas solution | Reciprocating compressor
Keepwin Gas solution | Reciprocating compressor
Keepwin Gas solution | Reciprocating compressor
Keepwin Gas solution | Reciprocating compressor
Keepwin Gas solution | Reciprocating compressor

1.10Maintenance parameter
Maintenance parameter is used to store maintenance data. Maintenance password is required for check and modification

1.12 Touch Calibration
Touch calibration is used to adjust touch accuracy. Touch calibration password is required for adjustment.
After entering touch calibration menu, use fingertip or other tool with sharp head to click A ,B ,C ,D in sequence. Press "S" button to restart and save the modification ; If user wants to calibrate again, press reset button and reset following precious step.
1.13Scheduled P
Scheduled P is used to set scheduled pressure. Scheduled P password is required for check and modification. 

1.14 Scheduled On-Off
Scheduled On-Off is used to set one week scheduled on-off time, four period is allowed to set in one day. Scheduled On-Off password is required for check and modification. Main function is below.When set to 00:00, the correspondent function is invalid.
1.15 History Record
Record history fault for user to find causes and solutions.100 items are allowed to record.

Controller Function and Technical Parameter
2.1 Ambienttemperature:-20℃~+60℃;Humidity:≤98%;
2.2 Digital input& output:6 points of digital input(function optional),6 points of digital relay output
2.3 Analog input& output:1 point of Pt100 temperature input, 1 point of 4-20mA pressure input, 2 groups of three phases current input (CT provided)
2.4 Input voltage of phases: 380V/ 220V.
2.5 High voltage, low voltage protection.
2.6 Controller operation power supply:AC16-28V,15VA
2.7 Measurement :
2.7.1 DISC T:-50~350℃,Accuracy:±1℃.
2.7.2 Running time:0~999999hours.
2.7.3 Current:0~999.9A.
2.7.4 Pressure:0~1.60MPa.Accuracy;0.01Mpa.
2.8 Phase anti-reversal protection: When compressor is at stop mode and detects phase reversal, response time≤ 1s
2.9 Motor protection: This controller provides open phase, unbalance and overload protection to motor, and also, provides overload protection to fan.
2.9.1, Open phase protection:When any phase opens, the response time equals to set time;This function is not activated when OPEN PHASE PROTECTION time is set over 20s
2.9.2, Unbalance protection: when MAX-MIN current >= SET DATA *MIN current/10 ,respond time is 5s;
2.9.3, Protection features of overload (time unit: second),please see following table(table your reference. Multiple=Iactual/Iset ,response time is shown in following table (table according to overload multiples from 1.2 times and 3.0 times .

Table curve table for protection of motor
2.10 Temperature protection: when actual temperature measured is higher than temperature set; response time≤2s;
2.11 Contact capacity of output relay: 250V,5A;Contact endurance :500000 times
2.12 Current error is less than 1.0%.;
2.122 points of RS485communication port. 1 point is for block mode or computer communication.
The other point is for inverter communication like reading inverter run parameter, controlling inverter on-off or adjusting inverter frequency.
2.14 Remote control compressor: When set as REMOTE, user can remotely control the compressor.

Keepwin Gas solution | Reciprocating compressor
Keepwin Gas solution | Reciprocating compressor
Keepwin Gas solution | Reciprocating compressor
Keepwin Gas solution | Reciprocating compressor
Keepwin Gas solution | Reciprocating compressor
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Keepwin Gas solution | Reciprocating compressor

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