Development And Application Of Compressor In Petrochemical Industry

2022-04-20 22:23:40
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The gas compression in petrochemical industry is mainly reciprocating compressor, which has the characteristics of cumbersome structure, many components and bad service environment.

In the 1970s, petrochemical industry developed rapidly, and then the corresponding compressor appeared. The compressor has high requirements for its materials, technology and sealing, especially for gas adaptability. Large centrifugal compressors in chemical fertilizer industry include: process air compressor, raw material compressor, ammonia refrigeration compressor and so on.

Development of petrochemical compressor

First, since the 1970s, centrifugal compressors have developed rapidly. In the development of a 300000 ton domestic synthetic ammonia plant in a general chemical plant, some plants in Shanghai have developed process air compressors, synthetic gas compressors, ammonia refrigeration compressors, supporting drive steam turbines, etc. At the same time, China's largest centrifugal compressor manufacturer and industrial steam turbine manufacturer have also introduced science, technology and systems, which has pushed the manufacturing of centrifugal compressors to a new stage of development to a certain extent. On the other hand, Chinese research institutions have also promoted the research progress, and the calculation form and process of three-dimensional flow impeller and gas simulation method have moved towards internationalization.

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Second, from the late 1970s to 1980s, the centrifugal compressor has been improved in science and technology, process technology and quality. Since 1987, when Sichuan chemical plant built the localization project of 200000 tons of synthetic ammonia, some manufacturers in China have participated in the compressor manufacturing project. At this stage, about 30 petrochemical plants in China have used this kind of compressor.

Third, the ethylene industrial compressor includes: cracking gas compressor, ethylene and propylene compressor. In the mid-1970s, the chemical system developed 400000 tons of ethylene compressor for the first time. Subsequently, a 120000 ton ethylene three machine was developed to provide 480000 ton ethylene cracking gas compressor and propylene compressor for Daqing Petrochemical. At this stage, 60000 sets of 450000-600000 tons of ethylene three machines are applied in a certain plant in China.

Development Direction Of Large Compressor

First, large-scale centrifugal compressor has the characteristics of intensive and high-tech level, which requires professional production technology. Affected by the regional large-scale development of chemical and petrochemical systems, users put forward higher requirements for the stability, technical level and energy consumption of compressors.

Second, in terms of carbon dioxide compressor, there are often conflicts between performance and process technology in traditional production. Now, some machine factories have developed their own closed carbon dioxide test-bed, which makes the traditional problems solved. Therefore, the optimization of large-scale chemical and petrochemical compressors is mainly in their performance. At this stage, China has been investing in this research. For example, the pneumatic performance design of the compressor can adapt to a variety of air pressure environments; In the critical range, it can adapt to a variety of gases and improve the calculation accuracy. On the other hand, in terms of rotor performance, super second-order and third-order high flexible rotors have been developed. Or it has made a successful breakthrough in bearing, sealing and system commissioning. Therefore, how to be equal to the international compressor design level has become the main problem at this stage.