Keepwin Diaphragm Compressor & Reicprocating Compressor High quality

2021-10-22 10:37:10
Technical :Keepwin Diaphragm Compressor & Reicprocating Compressor
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Diaphragm Compressor Specification

As a displacement compressor with special,diaphragm compressor is characterized by large compression ratio,good sealing performace,and that the compress air will not be polluted by lubricant or other solid impurities.Therefore diaphragm compressor is applicable to compress high-purity,rare and precious,flammable and explosive,toxic and hazardous,corrosive and high_pressure gases.

Keepwin diaghragm compressors consist of four types that are Z,V,L and D  type.The exhaust pressure ranges from 1.3 to 49 Mpa. The products are widely used in the industries of national defense,scientific research,petrochemical,nuclear power,parmaceutical,food-stuff and gas separation.