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Why is the energy waste of the air compressor so high?

With the continuous development and progress of society, energy saving and emission reduction has become a topic of concern. Especially in the industrial field, enterprises are actively taking effective energy-saving measures. Raise knowledge! Cause Analysis of Energy Consumption of Common Power Frequency Air Compressor.

As the basic product of industrial modernization, air compressor is an indispensable mechanical equipment in enterprise production. Air compressor is the conversion of electric energy into air kinetic energy, which consumes a huge amount of electricity, especially ordinary industrial frequency machines. Then we will discuss the causes of energy consumption of common power frequency air compressors.

High power frequency start-up impulse current:

Star triangle startup mode is adopted in power frequency air compressor. Starting with rated current of 5-8 times, it has a great impact on the power grid. It is easy to cause instability of the power grid and threaten the operation safety of other power equipment.

Power Waste in Loading and Unloading:

When the pressure of traditional air compressor reaches the required working pressure, the pressure will continue to rise until the unloading pressure. For example, if the air compressor only needs 6 kg of pressure, it must be hit to 8 kg, and then loaded to 6 kg, so there are two wastes. One is that when the motor is idle from 8kg to 6kg, it causes serious waste of no-load; the other is that the differential pressure is wasted from 6kg to 8kg. According to consulting, every increase of 1 kg of pressure consumes 7% more electricity, and 2 kg of pressure consumes 14% more electricity.

In addition, due to the limitation of power frequency control mode, the motor can not start and stop frequently, so when the gas consumption is low, the motor still needs to run without load, which wastes a lot of energy.


Unstable pressure, slow adjustment

The degree of automation of power frequency air compressor is low. The adjustment of output pressure depends on the control of loading and unloading valves and control valves. The adjustment speed is slow, the fluctuation is large, the accuracy is low, and the output pressure is unstable.

Accelerated wear and tear, large maintenance

The working mode of power frequency control determines that the loading and unloading valves must operate repeatedly, and the components are easy to aging. Continuous high-speed operation of power frequency not only causes great noise, but also accelerates the wear and tear of bearings and enlarges the maintenance of equipment.

After the energy-saving transformation of the traditional air compressor, the air pressure output of the air compressor can be matched with the air volume required by the user's air system, so as to realize constant pressure gas supply, soft start operation, reduce the impact on the air compressor and other electrical equipment, enhance the stability of the air compressor, reduce the electricity expenditure, and realize the energy-saving and consumption-reducing of the air compressor.