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Why is there water in the compressed air discharged by the air compressor?

The requirement of compressed air for air compressor in many industries is water-free. But water often appears in air compressor. What are the reasons for water in air compressor? The reasons are as follows:

Reducing or eliminating gap is the main way to prevent leakage. The function of sealing is to seal the gap between the joints, isolate or cut off the leakage passage, increase the resistance in the leakage passage, or add small power elements in the passage, which will cause pressure on the leakage, offset or completely balance with the pressure difference causing the leakage, so as to prevent leakage.

1. There is water in the air.

That is the so-called "humidity" of air. When air is compressed, it will become supersaturated. Water in the air will precipitate and become liquid. Compressed air moisture content is related to the humidity of the air, such as the environment in the engine room is too humid, or seasonal reasons, will make the water content in the air exceed.

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2. Production of liquid water during compression

When the air compressor works, the internal temperature of the nose is very high. The moisture in the natural air inhaled will form water vapor during the operation of the air compressor, which will be discharged with the compressed air. The gas storage tank can not only provide a buffer and storage space for compressed air, but also play a cooling role for compressed air. When compressed air passes through the gas storage tank, the high-speed air stream impacts the wall of the gas storage tank to produce a confluence, which makes the temperature drop rapidly in the gas storage tank, liquefies a large amount of water vapor and forms condensate water. If we catch up with wet weather or winter, more condensate will be formed.

3. Failure of Drainage Measures of Air Compressor

The air compressor itself has its own automatic drain blockage or the automatic drain blockage of the gas storage tank. (The air compressor only guarantees primary drainage function)

4. Lack of special compressed air drying equipment

There is no corresponding dryer installed or no normal work after installation (drying equipment failure, no timely detection and treatment), compressed air compressor did not deal with in time, resulting in a large amount of moisture after removal, unable to meet the normal use requirements. Why is there water in the compressed air discharged by the air compressor?

5. Higher-level drainage equipment is also needed in high-demand situations.

In the production process of compressor gas quality requirements are very strict, there are usually precision filters and other facilities, the gas for secondary action, further purification, until the production requirements are met. Why is there water in the compressed air discharged by the air compressor? In order to ensure that the gas quality meets the production process, when there is water in your air compressor, you can timely check the reasons according to the above situation, find out the fault and take remedial measures.

Effect of High Water Content in Compressed Air

A customer asked: "Air compressor did not discharge water for two months, what impact will it have?" Without water, it will lead to the increase of water content in compressed air, affect the quality of gas, affect the back-end gas equipment, and more likely affect the quality of products. For example, water stains will be left on the product indication, spray paint will form bubbles and so on. For the air compressor itself, it will result in worse oil-gas separation effect, bigger pressure difference of oil-gas separator, more rust of machine parts, and possibly greater failure.

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When does it usually drain?

According to the specific use environment and operating conditions, the use of manual ball valves in general drainage outlets needs to discharge condensate regularly, and the installation of automatic drains needs to check the self-discharge function regularly. The frequency of drainage or inspection depends mainly on the humidity of the inhaled air (season and environment, humidity is higher and more frequent) and the outlet temperature of the air compressor (lower temperature needs more frequent).